Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pomposity strikes a McCain supporter.

Tonight I had a wonderful experience with a woman from Arizona. We'll call her "Barb".

Barb represents John McCain's worst advertisement for his campaign.

Barb's opinions and behavior represented some of the worst pomposity I've ever witnessed.

Barb was one of those older ladies who married a well-to-do German husband. Barb doesn't work (except her mouth...). She devotes much of her energy to edifying everyone with what they need to do and how to live their lives. She interrupts when others speak to give her opinion.

When Barb doesn't tell everyone the way of the world, she notes how she visits Europe twice a year (on her husband's dime, of course). When not bragging about how good she has it, she talks about her son and how he spends a lot of time in Greece sailing with his wife. Blah, blah, blah.

Really, this woman was quite insufferable.

Normally, I keep quiet around this type of stuff. I think it best to allow people's pomposity to speak for itself.

I kept my mouth shut throughout dinner, that is, until Barb began telling me that I needed to have a 401k and that it was practically immoral for me to not have health insurance.

At that point, I felt it my duty to instruct Barb that she was in no position to spew platitudes at me when she apparently had no idea what she was talking about. I told her she was full of crap when she stated that the medical profession was be driven out of business by malpractice lawsuits (It's not. cf., a previous post).

Suffice it to say, I shut the table up when I chose to "school" Barb.

Instead of letting me have the last word, Barb thanked us young people for paying her social security. I was shocked that Barb, with all her wealth, has the gall to draw social security.

Barb is the kind of McCain supporter that gives weight to the old saying, "The worst advertisement for McCain is his supporters."

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