Thursday, February 12, 2009

Court finds no link between vaccines and autism--Jenny McCarthy needs to move on.

Finally a court has evaluated the evidence presented by parents of autistic children about the alleged link between vaccines and autism.

The findings?

The weight of the evidence shows no link between autism and vaccines.

That's what the science has said for years, but despite the evidence and the facts, many have continued to believe in a fantasy.

I suppose a fantasy is better than accepting the truth, when the truth is unpalatable.

My concern: As long as people prefer their delusions to facts, then we'll get nowhere.

Jenny McCarthy will probably complain about conspiracies and such.

Suppose time will tell.

Science gives men help for Valentine's Day.

In the run up to Valentines Day--that most dastardly event created by greeting card companies and florists--many outlets are publishing stories about love.

It seems Science news sources are no different.

Recent studies have shown what it is men need to know about women.

All I seem to know is that women never lose an argument, even when they're wrong.

They place much emphasis on grand gestures rather than the small and steady dependability some of us show.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

See "The Wrestler"

I saw 'The Wrestler" this evening. I was blown away

The movie is sparse, but excellent.

It shows blue collar entertainers (wrestlers & strippers) and their troubles.

Loved it.

Marisa Tomei doesn't look 44.