Thursday, July 2, 2009

Health care rationing is a reality but Wall Street makes the decisions instead of doctors

When I read this article, I became quite angry because the subject says what we already know to be the case, viz.,. Insurance Companies get rid of costly customers for their bottom line.

Our current system violates every moral fiber of my being. The subject of the article finally awoke to the immorality of serving Wall Street over Main Street.

The best point made by the article: Health Care rationing is a reality.

The reality: Insurance Executives do the rationing now to mollify their Wall Street masters.

This begs the question: Who would you rather ration your health care? An executive whose primary interest is to shareholders?


A government that is subject to the will of the electorate at least every couple of years?

I don't know about you, but I'd prefer a government beholden to me and my fellow citizens over an executive beholden only to shareholders.

I leave you with this: What's the moral choice here? Leave the greedy in charge or let doctors, patients, and elected officials decide?

Tennessee authorizes gun permit holders to carry weapons in restaurants---big deal.

Tennessee has changed the law to authorize concealed carry permit holders to exercise their right to carry in restaurants.

Everybody is up in arms about this---to a ridiculous degree.

Even a Nashville restaurant owner has gotten in the act by suing to have the law declared unconstitutional.

My reading of the State Constitution at Article I, Sect. 26 tells me the lawsuit won't succeed. The legislature has plenary power to make laws related to the right to bear arms. They've done so here.

Here's why I think it's a tempest in a teapot: Nothing in the law requires a restaurant owner to admit anyone who carries a gun. The law only authorizes those with a permit to carry it in a restaurant.

Randy Rayburn needs to take a chill pill and just put up a sign on his door that reads: No Guns Allowed.

If he does so, the law will back him up if he wants to throw someone out. Simple enough.

Instead, everybody has to go all ape-shit over nothing just for press attention. Makes me sick.

I support the 2nd Amendment, but I also support the right of restaurant owners to bar those who wish to pack heat too. This law doesn't interfere with either right.

Climate change is undisputed. Deniers are liars.

For all you climate change deniers out there, I'd like to provide you with a link to a study that shows just how stupid your asinine recalcitrance has become.

I suspect that climate change deniers (liars?) prefer sticking their heads in the sand because to admit error is tantamount to becoming a liberal.

For those of you with the spine to read the study, I half expect you to shoot the messenger by claiming it's some vast intellectual conspiracy.

For those of you afraid to critically examine the evidence, I suspect you'll believe the pseudo-intellectuals in the media who agitate and lie about a leftist plot to destroy the free market.

Either way, you're being an idiot unless you use your brain.

Oklahoma politician showing her stupidity through proclamation--what else is new.

Politicians who do things like what Sally Kern from Oklahoma has done make a mockery of our political system.

Do I think she should be stopped from asserting her opinion? Absolutely not.

Do I think she's a bozo? Absolutely yes.

Bigotry and narrow-mindedness in any form is anathema to a free society. When a politician uses her position to advance an agenda of stupidity and ignorance, then maybe her constituency should reconsider their choice in representative. If they like Ms. Kern then it says a lot about her constituency.

Can't we get a proclamation against stupidity and bigotry please?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Closed-mindedness linked to insecurity in recent study---Proof at last.

This study confirms what many of us already suspected.

Closed-mindedness travels in the same coach as insecurity.

When I read studies like this I'm reminded of my days in church--Baptist church--where so many were so quick to judge and so quick to dismiss any notion of tolerance.

Thankfully, the faith of my childhood was left to my childhood.

Bottom line: Closed-mindedness is a compensatory facade for chickenshit.