Thursday, September 3, 2009

When Good Faith meets Bad.

I've watched the Health Care fracas stunned by the ignorance, stupidity, and partisanship on display.

The Democrats, like they usually do, checked their spines at the doors of the Capitol and allowed themselves to be fooled into thinking the Republicans would actually exercise good faith.

The Democrats are fools for expecting the most extreme Republicans this country has seen in decades to act within the bounds of decency.

As a group, the Republicans have shown their complete dearth of intellectual integrity.  They follow the lead of their demagogue-in-chief, Rush Limbaugh, and misrepresent facts (golly, a politician lying?!); they prey upon the fears of the elderly and rile up the stupid.  

And for what?

Partisan advantage.  

By their actions, the Republicans manifest their desire for victory over any sort of fiscal responsibility.  Health Care reform will bankrupt us unless we make dramatic changes, but these bozos don't care.  Their agenda is more important than the future of the country.

What about the President?

He's made the mistake of pushing for good faith bipartisanship--but with a group lacking any desire to participate.

He's been a chump.

The President is smarter than this.  It's time for him to man-up and  push the agenda WITHOUT Republican support. 

You can't expect morons and partisans to act with reason and mutual regard for the country's best interest.  It's not in their nature to compromise nor even to understand the complexities of the issue.  

They've deliberately planted their flag on the dunghill over-simplification to rouse the nincompoops to their ramparts.

I knew that failing to pass the Health Care bill prior to the August recess was a mistake.  You give a mouthy and trenchant minority an inch, they will take a mile.  Stupid mistake.

Now, we have people crying "socialism" and other such nonsense.  Those calling Health Care reform "socialism" when in fact it is the moral and fiscally responsible thing to do don't deserve a response. They clearly wear blinders to the failings of capitalism--failings that threatens to ruin us.

Does that make me a socialist?  Not hardly.

Ignoring the failings of the private market or glossing over them doesn't make us immune to the impending collapse of our economic well-being brought on by the booms, busts, and fiscal failures created by completely unregulated markets.

I got a message for all the free-market, kool-aid, addicts out there:  Free-markets don't always correct, free-markets don't always fix things.  Don't believe me?  Look at the most recent banking debacle.

I'm sick to death of idiots spouting ideologies adopted as a short-cut to certainty--all because they lack critical thinking skills and an inability to logically and effectively evaluate issues separate from a talking points memo. 

It's time for the adults to show up and take charge of this mess and for the morons on the right and in the Republican party to sit down and learn something from us thinking folks.  

I would like to see the President do his damn job and make the right thing happen, in spite of the Republicans.  The Republicans lack the  intent to engage in constructive bipartisanship.  So quit trying to "play nice." 

In the long run it will be better for the country if we don't allow a bunch of radicalized windbags and their fiscally idiotic constituents to run the table.

Disagree?  Look to your history.  The economy always does better under Democratic presidents.  That's a fact.  It's time the President give the minority party a bloody nose and push this through.