Thursday, October 2, 2008

Notes on the VP Debate

Notes on the VP debate:

Biden knows his stuff. Palin can't speak English nor can she answer a direct question.

Palin doesn't seem to know what an "Achilles Heel" is. Rather than answer that question, she talked about her strengths. So now when they say she's well-read, I know they only mean Redbook and not history.

Bushisms from Palin: She said nucular three times instead of nuclear.

If I ever hear the word maverick again, I'm gonna puke. The way that word gets thrown around by McCain and his campaign makes me think the candidate longs for the days of high school so he could have a gang. I mean it sounds like McCain is the leader of a gang of bad boys with greasy hair, leather jackets, and girlfriends in poodle skirts. (Guess Palin kinda fits the image of a girl in poodle skirt...)

Is is a coincidence that Tom Cruise's character in TOP GUN was called maverick and was also a Naval Pilot? I think not. I bet John McCain hears Kenny Loggins singing in his head whenever he walks into a room...

Palin said that John McCain "knows how to win a war." How is that?

Let's go through a little John McCain history: He was shot down, captured, and spent five years as a POW and that qualifies him for "knowing how to win a war"?

I'll tell you what that qualifies him for: Getting shot down, getting captured by the enemy, and surviving a p.o.w. camp. These things have no relation to winning a war; they are the results of failing at war. John McCain screwed up and now he claims it as experience enough for winning a war? That's like claiming to be a master thief after you've been caught shoplifting a few time. Come on.

John McCain is trying to win Iraq to make up for the U.S. losing in Vietnam. Let it go John, let it go.

Also, what's with the shout out to an elementary school in Alaska? This is an important event. It isn't some award show where you thank your peeps and give shout outs. Let's just diminish the whole process please. Thanks Sarah.

Biden did well. He kept his mouth in check and spoke authoritatively about every issue. He knows his stuff when it comes to foreign affairs.

There's a reason Palin makes people nervous: She follows a script too closely because she lacks depth and knowledge. We can't have 8 more years of idiots in the White House.

Oh, and she's real pretty. And as we know, looks are all that matter when deciding on a presidential ticket.

What the Hell?! Bloggers making millions?

Some bloggers pulling in a million or more a year. Man sakes alive!

After reading that Perez Hilton makes $100 k a month for the fluff he posts, I'm beginning to wonder why the hell am I not so vacuous....I'd make more money.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No one should be surprised by this load of ideological crap

Well the Republicans are so afraid of Sarah Palin actually having to debate issues, that they are pulling out all the stops to, and get this: DELAY THE VP DEBATE!

The McCain campaign are picking on the proposed moderator of the debate. They are alleging that her book about black politicians is in support of Obama and therefore she's biased.

What a load of shit. In their minds, everyone in the media that doesn't push the Republican agenda is biased and incapable of being fair. What a load of ideological crap.

If that were the case, we'd never come to any truth because everything would just be agenda without veracity.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Some evangelicals are defying the founding fathers in the name of their faith.

Apparently, a number of evangelical ministers think the law doesn't apply to them.

Not surprisingly these ministers support the Republicans.

They've even gone so far as to say a vote for Obama is a vote for immorality.

What I don't get is that McCain voted for a war, based on lies, where thousands of U.S. soldiers died. How is that moral?

It isn't moral, but when an ideology smacks up against the facts, guess what loses? The facts. This is true even for the faithful.

The founders were genius by separating church and state. Now a bunch of ahistorial loonies are trying to undermine the American system for their own political power. I don't think Jesus would have done that...

These ministers are violating a central precept of Christianity, viz., "One cannot serve two masters."

They need to either serve their faith or get out of the ministry altogether. That won't happen though because the need to gratify their egos, like with all nut jobs, will exceed the dictates of their faith.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The continuing crisis in the air--Fart forces emergency landing

Here's a story that makes me laugh.

The FAA prefers people to smell a fart than to mask the smell.

Ah, the government strikes again.