Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Caffeine consumption can affect the heart of unborn children throughout their lives

Here's a story that my significant other will not want to hear about.

Basically, consuming caffeine while pregnant risks creating life-long heart problems for the child.

Considering the degree to which some people consume soft drinks and Starbucks, we could be in for some serious heart issues in our future populations.

Good rule of thumb: Consume no unnecessary chemicals while pregnant. And no, caffeine isn't necessary.

Caroline Kennedy for Senator.

I'm in no position to have anything to say that could either hurt or help Caroline Kennedy in her bid to assume the interim appointment to New York's senate seat.

What I will say has more to do with personal attributes Ms. Kennedy possesses. I would also like to shine a light on the attitude of some in the press and in politics that is highlighted by this article questioning Ms. Kennedy's qualifications.

I'll do the latter first: Where do all these idiots get off thinking that they are somehow entitled to the Senate seat? Can someone please point out to me where it says in the Constitution that one must have paid dues in politics in order to receive the award of an interim appointment? I have serious concerns about such an attitude in a Democracy where an expectation is encouraged that one gets a political position based solely on time put in. It's contrary to American politics and this notion should be shed or at least pointed out as anathema to the American polity.

That being said: Ms. Kennedy has every qualification necessary for the office she seeks. With many of the idiots who get elected I think she'd bring a dose of idealism and integrity to the office. She would not owe anyone for her position, save the governor.

On to the former issue of her qualifications: Ms. Kennedy is smart, down to earth, and capable. After meeting her once, I can say from personal experience that she's without artifice and exactly the type of personality we need in elected office. She's honest and without hidden agenda. I don't think anyone can top her when it comes to being the ideal personality for the job. Unlike other senators, she carries herself with a modest self-assurance instead of an in-your-face narcissism.

I think Caroline Kennedy is the best choice because she is seeking the office for the good of our country.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Foreclosures tied to job losses.

About a year ago, many were blaming the rise in foreclosures on borrowers taking on more house and debt than they could afford. Typical of blame the victim mentality.

Now, it appears that job losses are responsible for 50% of all current foreclosures.

Who're you gonna blame now, when the victims of foreclosure are twice victimized, once by the job loss and then next by the loss of their homes and stability?

I've said it before: We must focus our attention on job creation and domestic infrastructure to stop the bleeding.

It's getting worse. Scrooge has come home to roost this Christmas.

Tesla may have sold us all an electric Edsel. Hope not

Those of you who know me obviously know that I'm a big fan of the Tesla Roadster.

Well, it seems that Tesla has fallen into the same trap many entrepreneurs find themselves in when building capital--Tesla has given in to making excessive claims for reliability and range on their Roadster.

Shame, shame, shame.

Here's video from youtube that shows what I mean.

I'm saddened by this. Tesla may have built false hope for an electric car all of us would want, but that we'd probably get pissed off at on the first trip.

The video is a little long, but I encourage you to watch it through.

False prophet is an idiot, but not as bad as those who believe him

In yet another stunning example of morons in the media...a self-proclaimed prophet in Utah says that Obama will never be president because riots will start before Christmas and that Russians will use it as an opportunity to nuke the U.S.

I don't know what's worse, the so-called prophet or those who listen and believe him.

I have a challenge for anyone who believes in prophets: If they are dead wrong, then you have an obligation to ignore them. Failing to do so makes you more of an idiot and you deserve all the ridicule that I'll heap upon you.

Here's why the "prophet" is wrong: Obama's approval rating is over 60% right now. Who the hell is going to protest? The other 40%? Not hardly.

I suspect the prophet is engaging in a little wishful thinking, informed in large part by his rural constituency and some latent racism prevalent in the rural and un-educated masses.

Fortunately, the rest of us don't need some nimrod who claims to have access directly to God telling us stuff that can't possibly be true.

If I'm wrong then it won't matter, but I'm willing to guarantee that I'm right. How can I guarantee that I'm right and the good prophet is wrong?

God rewards those who use their heads, not idiots who exploit fellow morons for some small measure of social power.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Keynes to the rescue...again. Out of the wilderness and into our hearts.

I've said it for a time now that we get out of our economic mess through government spending on infrastructure.

The New York Times offers a story about how the last time we faced such a big crisis and what economist got us out of it.

I love it that the laissez-faire types were all down on Keynes before the market meltdown, but now it's Keynsian policies we need to cure their profligacy.

Keynes had it right when he said government must step in and spend in order to overcome banks' and the public's fears about spending liquid assets (cash).

Now, it seems the old is once again new....the worm turns.