Saturday, June 20, 2009

Capitalistic medicine defies the laws of economics and risks patient lives

Our medical system has many problems. Greed is the worst feature of the system.

When the primary motivation for doctors or future doctors is money, patient health and well-being take a backseat.

When the demand for primary care physicians isn't being met, then the invisible hand of economics has broken down.

Capitalism is great, but to ignore its problems won't improve our system. It's time for a change.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Palin-Letterman donnybrook nothing but a tired attempt to remain relevant with irrelevant fake outrage. Please.

The whole Palin-Letterman dustup shows how devoid of ideas the Republican party truly is.

Instead of working to improve our nation, Palin, her crew, and the Republicans would rather turn a joke by a tv host into the central issue of the week.

This is why the Republicans lost the election in large part. They have nothing but fabricated outrage over stupid stuff said by a tv personality that amounts to nothing more than a hill of beans.

What happened to substance over style?

Palin's a loser without any redeeming qualities except her attractiveness and moronic right-wing ruthlessness--isn't it time we call bullshit on that old style of repudiated politics?

I think so.

If Palin and the Republicans can't offer up more than an Atwater/Rove retread tactic, then they deserve exile. No wonder McCain has nothing to do with Palin now...he knows she lost him the election.

Good riddance.

Lies, damn lies, and agendas. Hoaxer causes more harm to her agenda by lying.

When people with an "agenda" do things like lying to push their views on people then it bespeaks more of their lack of integrity and their dearth of intellectual honesty than in the value of their worldview.

Escaping those of faith who champion their particular religion through dishonesty and deceit is the fact that hypocrisy kills any legitimacy their particular beliefs might have.

This woman who blogged about a fake troubled pregnancy to garner sympathy did nothing more than anger those sympathetic to her plight. What was she thinking? How do you translate sympathy based on a lie into a change of heart in those who were duped by the lie?

You don't. Lying is counter-productive.

This is the problem with agendas. When agenda supersedes the truth, then we are left with nothing but an unfounded belief upon which to built a edifice of trust. All based on lies.