Friday, May 23, 2008

Hagee actually worse than McCain's repudiation would suggest

I apologize for being dilatory in blogging. I've been out of town and otherwise engaged.

However, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to write about McCain's endorsement by Reverend Hagee.

Slate has a story on it. The article talks about the "Hitler" issue of Hagee and says it's really not the worst thing in his dogma. In fact, Hagee advocates a similar view as that professed in the Left Behind series.

I know a rather prominent preacher who advocates a similar theology to Hagee's. He bragged to me about Ariel Sharon actually praying with him and supporting his "Christian" theology while the former Prime Minister was in office.

I said nothing, but thought in the back of my mind that Sharon, ever the politician, was sucking up to a small time rug wearing evangelical preacher from Tennessee in an effort to curry favor with the great unwashed masses in America.

Just my thoughts on such a hair-brained belief system. As has happened in times past, bunches of hate mail will be forthcoming for writing as much.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Score Another One for the Hippies

Incense actually has anxiety-reducing properties reports Science Daily.

Scientists tested the effects of frankincense on laboratory mice and found parts of the brains implicated in anxiety were toned down.

Looks like the hippies have been right, yet again.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

McCain health plan just another pander to corporate interests

John McCain has a plan to screw the American people. In an obvious pander to corporate interests, McCain offers up a health care plan designed to under-insure or not insure at all those who most need insurance. cf.

His health care plan would basically allow health insurance companies to further reduce coverage by allowing them to elect what state laws govern their insurance contracts.

As with credit card companies, states would vie for health insurance business by offering the best and most favorable laws to the providers.

It would start a race of venality between states.

This is not a good plan and would not improve health care for America.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Celebrity Worship Syndrome - A Real Problem

ABC has a story of particular relevance in my life. It details a new mental disorder only recently defined.

Celebrity Worship Syndrome

Unfortunately, I've been privy to and suffered the consequences of someone suffering with this disorder.

This sort of behavior is exasperating. I've actually been forced to the brink of filing charges over it.

Foreclosures have deep psychological impacts that ripple throughout many spheres.

New York Times has a piece on the psychological impact of the foreclosure crisis.

The author makes a good point: People not directly affected tend to view those affected as being primarily responsible and let all the other actors off the hook.

This result seems to occur when the primary target of the blame (homeowners) is not the primary responsible party.

Go figure.

Domestic violence is an equal opportunity crime

Live Science has a story that hits pretty close to home. Domestic violence.

As a man, I would avoid at all costs, claiming to be a victim of domestic violence. But, I have been.

The domestic violence I've suffered was not the kind where the assaults were physical in nature. The violence I suffered came in the form of psychological and emotional abuse.

This is a difficult thing to admit, but it has happened. I am still suffering the consequences.

Don't ignore the damage that women can inflict on men.

Promising vaccine created that stops Alzheimer's in its mice

Science Daily reports on an exciting study. Scientists have managed to create a vaccine that prevents an aggressive form of Alzheimer's in mice bred to develop the disease.

If this vaccine can be turned into a human vaccine, we will have a tool in our arsenal against a tragic affliction of old age.

Oral sex the same as plain old sex for teenagers.

Well another old chestnut hits the fire. The theory that teenagers engage in oral sex to maintain their virginity is out the window. cf. Washington Post.

Teenagers are just giving and getting hummers as another form of sex.

Now, I'm not going to argue that it's alright for teens to engage in sexual activity---quite the contrary. Teenagers have neither the emotional maturity nor the life experience to make proper decisions.

As a realist though, teenagers have been engaging in sex for millions of years. A couple of decades of moralizing by a bunch of nimrods bent on enforcing their moral will on the rest of us notwithstanding.

Kids will be kids and the best way to address teenage sex is to actually be up front about the teenage sex most parents and adults engaged in whilst teenagers themselves.

Let's get it all out in the open because nothing makes a teenager's eyes roll faster that a parent who's a moral hypocrite about sex.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Illegal Immigration Caused by U.S. companies' hiring policies

Washington Post leads with a story about an immigration raid in Iowa.

The article points out, correctly I might add, that instead of targeting the illegal immigrants that the government should target the companies that hire the illegal immigrants.

Here's why this approach is the better and moral decision:

The illegal immigrants are not doing anything that any one of us would not do if in the same position. They are attempting to provide for their families by taking the best option they have available--illegal immigration.

These people are making a rational economic decision.

Now, the companies that hire them, on the other hand, are creating the incentives that encourage illegal immigration. These businesses, by their willingness to hire illegals in flagrant violation of the law, are creating a demand.

If U.S. companies followed the law, if U.S. companies refused to hire illegals, then where would illegals go to find work? They would have to stay home.

The whole illegal immigration issue is one where the actual cause is not being targeted because it's much easier to go after those with the fewest rights and least power to fight back, viz., illegal immigrants.