Thursday, July 30, 2009

Corporate welfare is okay with Congress, but not health care reform? Explain that to me please!

When it comes to welfare, it seems that our Congress has skewed priorities.

When health care reform comes up, we get gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes about the cost---from Democrats, no less. Republicans become apoplectic at the mere mention of government oversight of the system.

I recall Ronald Reagan--Republicanism's modern hero--advocating against Medicare in the 1960's saying that it would lead to socialism. Never happened--in fact, Medicare is a good model for health care reform today.

How soon we forget the lies of conservatives past when they recycle their deceits again to scare us from real reform.

But I digress...

Congress decries socialism when it comes to health care reform, but when lining the pockets of defense contractors, our fine legislature becomes a paragon of profligacy and wealth redistribution. Making it worse, the Pentagon objects to the excess, but does anyone listen?


I'll be writing my Congressman and Senator about the disconnect.

The duty of our elected officials is to serve the needs of the many. Instead, they feather their beds by serving wealth and the will of a few.

Maybe it's time for a change from business as usual.