Saturday, July 12, 2008

Morality innate--study of children shows

Interesting study shows that children are naturally moral and empathetic.

It only takes the loss of innocence to make someone a piece of crap from a moral standpoint.

This sort of study gives weight to the innate morality in the human species. Adulthood results in more flexible conscience.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Airlines are a bunch of babies.

Here's another bit of having to lie in the bed one has made.

The airlines deserve what they are getting. I hope we can get a good railway system. I'd use the hell out of it.

I've grown tired, like millions of others, of being treated like shit and having low quality service.

This will make them sit up and notice...only in my dreams.

Excellent prank pulled off. Abby would be proud

Here's the latest on the kid with the LSD treats.

He didn't do it! It was all a prank.

Kudos two time to him for pulling it off--Abby Hoffman style.

Rove refusing to testify over attorney firings...makes one wonder why.

I'm gonna try some "cop logic" on this particular situation.

If Rove has nothing to hide, then he should testify. Bush hasn't done anything so secret and earth-shattering to require him to assert executive privilege over the firing of government attorneys.

Were those fired attorneys part of some secret government cabal? No.

Were those who replaced them part of some secret government cabal? Maybe, if you include a highly partisan party machine.

This is the real reason behind the executive privilege claim: They got caught and don't want to own their malfeasance.

That sort of thing is grounds for impeachment and prosecution itself.

Rove will end up testifying. Mark my words.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kids will be kids....

This story reminds me of Abby Hoffman and his threats to pour LSD into the water supply.

I find this hilarious, although I wouldn't give acid to someone without their knowledge...that's mean.

Kudos to the kid for his brass. He deserves his punishment. Hell, that's part of the prank.

Money man invests in energy independence.

Here's a guy you can respect. He's all about making money, but he's also about looking to the future.

Pickens is establishing a wind farm in Texas, with the hopes that it will serve as a template for energy independence.


We know the one secret to living longer...I'm doomed

Scientists are pretty much in agreement that living longer requires calorie restriction.

I don't think Americans as a whole, and me in particular, will be capable of following the suggestions.

I love to eat, good food too.

Well, I'll talk to you after my next round of Taco Bell...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Maliki gives Obama a huge gift.

Talk about a "gift."

Maliki has handed Obama the biggest gift for his campaign by suggesting that the U.S. consider a time line for withdrawing the troops.

McCain is in a tough spot because how will he reasonably go against what the Iraqis want. McCain would have to change his whole position to be in accord with Maliki and that would make him the dreaded "flip flopper."

Obama can maintain his position of being against the war and setting a time line with the support of the Maliki government.

Win-Win for Obama; Lose-Lose for McCain.

Morality better represented by the knee-jerk reaction

Here's a fun study about morality and hypocrisy.

Of importance here: When we have time to reflect, we tend to excuse our bad behavior, but when we react without thinking, our moral behavior is of a higher caliber.

Love this kind of science.

People are basically moral, unless they have time to think about it.