Friday, May 16, 2008

Tacit approval of dishonesty leads to loss of moral authority

I'm going to take the bold step of characterizing a whole bunch of people.

Based on the evidence provided in this article found in the Washington Post, its pretty much irrefutable that the Bush administration is full of bald-faced liars.

Now here's where the characterization comes in: If you can read this evidence, and can manage to support those who purvey this kind of deceit. AND if you can do it without having to twist yourself into knots blaming the press or some other right wing bogey, then you are in essence advocating lying and deceit.

Furthermore, you are, by your refusal to decry such blatant dishonesty, giving tacit approval of lying, deceit, and dishonesty from our leaders.

The whole point of my characterization is this: You have sacrificed any moral authority to criticize politicians for dishonesty, deceit, and lying.

Harsh words, but sometimes truth hurts.

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