Sunday, May 18, 2008

Illegal Immigration Caused by U.S. companies' hiring policies

Washington Post leads with a story about an immigration raid in Iowa.

The article points out, correctly I might add, that instead of targeting the illegal immigrants that the government should target the companies that hire the illegal immigrants.

Here's why this approach is the better and moral decision:

The illegal immigrants are not doing anything that any one of us would not do if in the same position. They are attempting to provide for their families by taking the best option they have available--illegal immigration.

These people are making a rational economic decision.

Now, the companies that hire them, on the other hand, are creating the incentives that encourage illegal immigration. These businesses, by their willingness to hire illegals in flagrant violation of the law, are creating a demand.

If U.S. companies followed the law, if U.S. companies refused to hire illegals, then where would illegals go to find work? They would have to stay home.

The whole illegal immigration issue is one where the actual cause is not being targeted because it's much easier to go after those with the fewest rights and least power to fight back, viz., illegal immigrants.

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