Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Congressional Republicans are fighting against job creation! Are you kidding me?!

Everyone has first hand experience with the economic downturn. Either by losing a job or knowing someone who has.

I bring this up to draw attention to the Congressional Republicans. These bozos are doing everything to stop a stimulus package (that contains no earmarks mind you) that directly affects an industry employing over 5 million people. This is 5 million jobs!

This particular industry is unduly sensitive to downturns in the economy because people stop buying this industry's products when money is tight.

The stimulus package has allocated $50 million for this industry. The industry has an efficient and well-designed system for moving that money into the hands of its primary producers.

The problem: The Republicans are calling it pork and want to stop it. In it's place they want more tax cuts--that haven't worked thus far--but that disproportionately benefit those with jobs and money, viz., the wealthy.

What industry am I speaking of? The Arts.

$50 million would directly impact an industry in a transparent way (the NEA is open and public with its grant awards, unlike private corporations...) creating jobs that would that redound to the benefit of society, while creating even more jobs.

Fund the Arts and create jobs--it's simple.

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