Saturday, October 11, 2008

R.I.P. the former John McCain

By using a largely over-used metaphor prevalent in today's world, John McCain has gone over to the dark side.

He uses personal attacks rather than substantive policy positions to compete. This indicates he's already lost but is unwilling to admit defeat. Why? Because if he was truly a man of honor, he'd have better arguments and policies instead of relying on the tactics of weakness. Mudslinging is only for wimps and pussies.

At one time, I respected John McCain. I respected him when he ran against George Bush and between the two, I would have chosen McCain.

Now? He's lost all semblance of rationality and honor. He's completely destroyed any integrity his service could have garnered in my mind.

It's a tragic end for a once fine American.

Goodbye John McCain.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps I posted that one comment about listening to the radio and some of the things people were saying too soon.

Nice post though :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should run in four years! ;)

Or we should all just throw aside Obama and McCain and make you president, you have some really good ideas and some really interesting thoughts.

I'd vote for ya