Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Republicans and McCain are bankrupt of ideas, money, and sense.

Here's an excellent article from Forbes magazine . I don't normally read Forbes, but came across this article on a Right-leaning website and found it compelling.

Gerstein spells out the trouble with Republicans and why they've squandered their position by relying on McCarthyism to ensure votes through dependence on hatred and prejudice.

Scary stuff. It helps when someone gives name to a tragic turn of events.

Watch my nice segue...

Unmentioned in the article is how out of touch the McCain campaign is for relying on the base-ness of Nixonian style politics.

Another story popped up today indicating that Palin's clothing budget after joining the campaign topped $150,000.00. This is along the lines of the previous AIG issue where the company spent $450,000.00 on a spa visit for salespeople AFTER getting a taxpayer funded bailout.

How can we trust a man in the presidency when he allows his own party--you know, the one he's in charge of--to spend $150,000.00 in less than two months on clothes and makeup for Palin and her brood? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

So much for fiscal discipline. Reports are that the money spent on Palin's couture exceeds her yearly salary as governor. Wonder if she gets to keep the clothes? I bet she does.

So long Ronald Reagan. Say hello to the wilderness...

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Anonymous said...

Holy Guacamole.... 150,000 dollars on clothes in two months!?

Hell I could think of much better things I could do with that kind of money. I could buy myself a new wardrobe, pay off the mortgage on the house, go to Disneyland every weekend for a year, follow Reba McEntire on tour to every single show (front row seats) and STILL have plenty of money left over to do a lot more.

150,000 dollars could last me a long time....