Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Troopergate" will cause the McCain camp to rot from within

Here's a story from the Right-leaning realclearpolitics about the "Troopergate" scandal.

Apparently, the Governor Palin was all in favor of the investigation into the State Trooper matter. The State legislature voted to investigate.

Now, Palin has chosen not to cooperate.

This is a familiar story a la "The Bridge to Nowhere" that Palin was for before she was against it. Palin was in favor of the investigation before she was against it.

Stonewalling is troubling from a politician who bills herself as a paragon of openness and reform.

This won't turn out well. McCain should have looked into this before choosing Palin, but now it's too late.

I'm reminded of what my uncle Floyd always said: " You can't take back a screw."

In this case, McCain can't take back his screw up, even though it may tar and feather his campaign with hypocrisy's mantle and recall to voters' minds Bushco and the stonewalling they were ever-so prone to use.

So much for de-coupling from Bush....

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Anonymous said...

Haha! I love that, "You cant take back a screw" hahahaha