Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pride Comes before a fall with Rev Wright

Bloomberg News reports that Obama's former reverend, appears to be shooting the candidate in the foot.

If one takes the view that the Reverend is a smart guy, and for the sake of argument, let's say he is, then what purpose would be served by undermining the first African American candidate for president with a chance?

Perhaps the Reverend is suffering under the delusion that his agenda takes precedence. It's not unusual for the clergy to inflate their values into "truth." Jerry Falwell was prone to such self-aggrandizement.

The reverend could be smarting from Obama's pragmatic handling of the reverend's tendency to place his foot firmly in his mouth. This sounds reasonable if you realize that the reverend already has an ego far in excess of what the good book suggests is healthy.

In the end, I suspect that the reverend is realizing that his will shall not be manifest in Obama. Reverend Wright would rather see Obama lose than to give up his self-satisfied need to bend the flock to his will.

I don't know.

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