Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Texas seeks to advance the educational interests of the nation's children at the expense of their own. That's big of them!

I am very excited about the prospect that the Texas Board of Education will get it's way in re-writing textbooks for that state's children.

I don't agree with the revisionism nor the content changes the conservatives on the Board are pushing to "balance" what they perceive as liberal slant to history.

However, I get fairly jubilant at the social darwinian experiment  these conservative idiots are attempting to perform on the large number of students in their state.  

If these bozos weren't so ignorant of survival of the fittest as a mechanism for advancement, they would realize the severe handicap they are imposing on the children of Texas--all in the name of their political agendas.  It's brains in action! 

The upside?

The rest of the country's children gain an extreme advantage over those of Texas-educated children when it comes to college and real-world information.

It's great that Texas is willing to handicap their children for the purpose of advancing a political agenda.  

The mere fact that such a bone-headed move will inure to the educational achievements of all children outside the state only adds to the hilarity. 

Kudos to Texas for giving the children of non-Texans a boost at the expense on their own children

That's what I call Texas hospitality.

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