Wednesday, December 31, 2008

U.S. health care has a fatal structural flaw - profit over people

The author of this article is obviously against a single-payer system in health care.

She obviously wishes to scare everyone with the title to the article.

However, she makes a good point at the end by begging us to ask the hard questions.

Here are some hard question for the author to answer.

Is it better to have rationed health care or no health care? Too many people are without health insurance and they can't afford it either.

Does it make sense for us to have the best health care system in the world if only a small percentage of our population can participate in it?

Our health care system has a fundamental flaw. The profit motive.

Profit is not a panacea and to place people's lives at risk for profit is immoral.

So as a last hard question: What's more important, people or profit?

Single-payer system places people above profit, while our current system values bottom-lines.

Health care reform should never be about profit because that's basically placing a dollar value on lives.

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