Sunday, September 14, 2008

Winston Churchill said it best...

After watching all the bloviating by the typical press opinion-istas and watching the Democrats fall victim to the out and out bald-faced lying coming from the McCain camp, I worry about the results of the election.

If we, as a nation, allow another Republican deceiver into the White House all because he and his campaign manage to say what people want to hear, even if it's not true, then we probably deserve what we get.

I'm reminded of a quote from Winston Churchill when I think of the possible consequences of electing a lying Senator, too old to live out a term without dementia, along with his ideologue running mate.

Winston summed it up about Americans when he said of us:

"You can always count on Americans to do the right thing...after they've exhausted all other possibilities."

I don't know what's more stunning: The fact that so many willingly give up any notion of good sense and reason just to elect some party willing to lie, cheat, and obfuscate? Or, whether people are really such ignoramuses.

If McCain wins with the sort of campaign he's running, then we've sacrificed our collective intelligence upon the alter of our shallow foolishness. The results will be dire...more dire than they've already been.

I know that since Bush was elected I've seen my personal wealth disappear. I've seen my career prospects dry up and my income fall dramatically, even though I should be in the prime years of my earning potential. It can't all be my fault like the Republicans will try to argue.

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