Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Republicans are growing more tolerant...Governor Palin is the reason

I've been standing back and reviewing all the press about Sarah Palin.

Here's my take on some of the issues surrounding her elevation to running mate.

1) I'm glad to see all the right-wing conservatives finally showing the tolerance, understanding, and forgiveness of youthful indiscretions, like they're showing to Bristol Palin and her...ahem, situation. Maybe they'll decide that tolerance and understanding are much better when applied to the world at large instead of their past indifference and judgment.

2) Governor Palin is being regarded as a reformer. Apparently, her reforming tendencies arose only after it became politically expedient to distance herself from Senator Ted Stevens (who's under indictment) and his son (who was Palin's lobbyist for earmarks prior to his dad's indictment).

3) Cindy McCain has offered up Governor Palin's experience running the Alaska National Guard as credible foreign policy experience. Huh!? Give me a break. If that's all it takes, then Barack Obama has enough foreign policy experience since he lived in Hawaii, Indonesia, and Seattle. This is bullshit.

4) I don't think I agree with the decision to go public with Bristol Palin's pregnancy. And to state that Bristol will marry the erstwhile baby daddy. Here's why. If this young girl is off limits, as Obama, McCain, and Palin all agree she is, then why throw her to the media wolves along with her boyfriend (who incidentally never signed on for the publicity...he just wanted what most boys want). I find this action very questionable and it smells of ambition to the point of sacrificing one's child for political advantage.

5) The Republicans, in their over the top defense of the governor, will find it hard to backtrack on all these issues come the next election. They've tacitly approved of unwed mothers. They've shown the ineffectiveness of abstinence only sex education, since it worked so marvellously for Bristol Palin. They've managed to prove to the American voter that experience really doesn't matter as long as you can play identity politics. They've also shown us that the country's best interest is secondary to ideology and political advantage.

How deliciously Machiavellian of them! Gotta love those family values!

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