Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama knocks it out of the park.

I'm not one to gush, but Barack Obama's speech tonight had to be one of the most inspiring speeches I've ever seen.

In his speech he really made McCain and the Republicans look very small and petty.

That point was driven home by the tepid response from McCain basically calling Obama a liar.

I was surprised to hear all the talking heads in utter amazement at how powerful a speech Obama gave.

The speech asked us to look beyond the petty and toward our own greater future. It asked us to leave the past and unite together as a nation without political divide.

Bold and sweeping language that almost left a tear in my eye.

I felt a seismic shift occur with his speech. All I could do was shake my head at poor old John McCain.

In one single flourish, Obama made obsolete the political tricks of Karl Rove. He did it by pointing out that we, as a people, are better than that and deserve better than that.

I can't wait for the Debates. McCain won't be able to use his tired old stories and Karl Rove's tired old tricks to good effect on Obama. This was a game changer and McCain is one old dog who can't learn new tricks.

The game is afoot.

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