Thursday, June 5, 2008

Welcome to what we've known all along. Senate says Bush lied.

Well the Senate has finally come to the same conclusion that the vast majority of Americans came to years ago, viz., Bushco lied to get us into the Iraq war.

See the Washington Post.

I've said it for years now that the Senate was falling down on the job by failing to impeach Bush and/or Cheney. The Senate has a Constitutional obligation to impeach for high crimes and misdemeanors. Failing to do so is breaking their oath of office.

For anyone who thinks that starting a war with a country (although a bad actor country) on false premises is not a high crime and misdemeanor, then answer this question:

Does lying to get us into a war where thousands of our military die or are disfigured warrant a free pass?

If you can answer that question in the affirmative, then you condone in the unnecessary deaths of thousands of fellow citizens.

Harsh, but a necessary conclusion. Real Americans own up to their stupidity in following and supporting these bozos.

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