Wednesday, June 25, 2008

De-regulation has its problems

This editorial from RealClearPolitics offers up a stunning insight into how de-regulation is not the panacea for business that the laissez-faire types invisage.

Our economy is highly complex and the airline industry is almost a necessity for our economy--that is until we have an alternative like a railway system.

I'm forever suspicious of hard core de-regulator types. It's rare that de-regulation brings the benefits that its advocates offer up.

Airline de-regulation has resulted in the mess we now have.

The government has a useful role to play in priming the pump and re-orienting industries that are necessary for our country.

Those that advocate de-regulation for what ails us are no different from the snake-oil salesmen whose concoctions "cure" everything.

In the final analysis, neither works as advertised.

But of course, the advocate will always find an excuse for its failure rather than own up to their bullshit.

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